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Briza Sindey: "Do you think the screams of rage from having their 'perfect' beauty ruined would be a very grand hearing and site alike?"

"Oohohoho… yes indeed. Their screams would be oooh so satisfying… hehehehehahahaha!"

Briza Sindey: "I don't give a fuck. A queen in thinking and rest never sees the best in me. Hehehe..."

"Good luck with that, then…"

Briza Sindey: "I am going to screw both of the queens over and ruin their faces to watch them scream in rage."

"Good luck even TRYING to get in a hit.

They’ll likely just kill each other, and both their souls will be mine. Win-win situation. For me, at least.”

grandbeequeen said:

Oh, I will ensure my victory. I will.

"Oh, SURE you will… hehehehehe…

If you had allied with me in entirety, you wouldn’t have to have worried your pretty little head on this. I would have eliminated the competition… And yet you left me because… oh, what was it..? Ah, yes, YOU FORGOT.”

"War of the Bees?

This would certainly leave a wing or two torn… I’d LOVEto see the carnage… hehehe…”

He’s clearly not on any team. He just wants to see blood fly.

"I hope you realize that your little plan isn't going to go so well. If Kirby beat you once he can do it again. And I'll be helping out too!" He then proceeded to blow a small raspberry at the shadow star, arms crossed.



"…Unless you’re possessed… that is… Then you will be my mindless willing slave… kind of like how you are now with Dedede."

The Dark Star summons a small, black skull, which slowly wafts towards Bandana Dee.

"If you run now, I will spare you until Kirby is dead. After that, all bets are off."

This wasn’t good, this wasn’t good one little bit. He figured it was a good thing that he had his spear with him, removing it from it’s holster and holding it tightly. He would be ready to defend himself, as he ran by he noticed a hole in the wall. If he could somehow fake them out..or…or something! The captain had to loose these freaks some way, anyway to get them off his back! A fireball came a little too close for comfort, making him yelp and double time it.

The skeletal dragons snicker, and continued their assault of flames and smoke, making him move in certain directions towards the predestined dead end. They knew this maze like their skeletal systems, they knew every hole, corner, dead end, and doors in this maze of death. Speaking of, the Maze was changing from a deep purple color of Space to a bloody red… making it harder to see and all the more eerie.


I was fighting DMK in the True Arena (for the 2nd Time) and I got it. I was all like “Theeeeeere he is!”

Now I can live on with my life/collect the rest of the keychains.))


Do anyone have information on this Paintra person?…

"I may know a little bit… because I’ve seen her come and go from the Underworld for a bit of time.

Also, I’ve been around longer than you. She seemed to look a lot like you, Drawcia.”

"Drawcia, I am only seeing this from afar, but your minion is… well, in my words… acting rather idiotically."

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