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So…Marx, Magolor, Sectonia, Bug-boy, Paintica…THERE ARE MORE VILLIANS THEN HEROES HERE!!

{❈} "Is that a problem?"

Er…you’re cool.



"You think they are the only ones..?"



Feel the power of Shadow Magic, Karana!

Feed it’s Ego! Let it envelop your person!”

“How quickly that turned, you stupid freaking rat.”

"I say fill his lungs with molten lava. Then we can recruit more villains for conquest."

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i’m going to try this / n \ I need to follow more blogs.

I would like mutual following but i don’t mind if not i just want to RP with all of you… and if you don’t follow back i’d feel weird making starters and stuff

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((Right now I need a lot of Nintendo Blogs to interact with, so if you are a Nintendo RP Blog I will follow you!))

Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice, I am willing to make.


I know that reference but that is pretty much the situation here. Besides, Nebula could bring them back to life.

Which brings me to my headcanon: Since he is Ruler of the Underworld, Dark Nebula can bring back the bosses, presumably explaining all of the “Soul” Bosses.))

"Hrmmm... Eliminating Kirby for good? Count me in, as long as the mirror world is left out of this of course." ((Aka Sign me up for Darkness))

"Certainly… Oh and do try and forgive me from trying to destroy it the first time."

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